Apollo Engineering designs special machines. The power of Apollo Engineering is that we have all the disciplines for machine construction in the house. With a team of 30 enthusiastic employees, we develop the most beautiful machines in close cooperation with the customer.

The development of the machines takes place in Aldeboarn or on customer site. This is both in the field of mechanical engineering and or machine control technology.

On a project basis, we are developing complete new machines or adapting existing machines. These projects are installed at the customer’s site turnkey. After delivery, we provide service and maintenance in the way that suits you best.

We are proud of the machines we make. Check out our projects.

Our disciplines:

  1. Engineering mechanically
  2. Engineering machine control, hardware and software
  3. Safety
  4. Assembly machine
  5. Building control cabinets
  6. Cabling machines
  7. Testing the machines
  8. Commissioning with the customer
  9. Service, maintenance, inspection and revision

Although the basis lies with the secondary packaging machines, we have a broad experience in the overall machine construction. Our customers are located all over the world. Discover who we work with.